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Specialty Chutes

​Industry's first fully Automated Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

​Industry's first fully Automated Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

"If the Chute fits ~ Swear by it!"

Uses multiple different animal and cylinder sensors that enables the chute to read speed, positioning and animal behaviors throughout the process of catching cattle.

Our Products

Our Products

BRUTE Specialty

Hydraulic Chutes

Portable Chute Trailer
Heavy Duty Wench, gas powered & hydraulic portable chute trailer available
Lays over 90 degrees for access to lower half of animal.
Tilts 45 degrees for access to legs/hooves.
livestock scales
Dodge Manufacturing is an Authorized Digi-Star Scales Distributor Our custom built platform scales can be made to almost any length or load capacity to meet your operation's demands. Platform scales can be made with steel, rubber or Rumber flooring. It will weigh one animal to many animals while maintaining Digi-Star accuracy.