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Brute Stealth AI 500

This chute was designed with the cow calf and veterinarian in mind. This chute offers more room in the chute to help with A-I work, embryo flushing, and general work on the animal while in the chute. The Brute Stealth AI 500 is 8 inches taller than our standard chute and 6 inches wider. Yet, it is still able to hydraulically adjust down to 8” at the floor and 15” at the 5ft height to accommodate smaller animals. The side squeeze on this chute adjust out to 21” wide at the floor and 39” at the 5ft height to give more room for larger bulls and cows.

The wedge design of the side squeezes helps keep the animal up while working with the animal without the need of a “brisket bar”. Eliminating the “brisket bar” helps promote good cattle flow through the chutes. The increased width also allows for a cow to stand with a wider base to make it easier for A-I work and embryo work. The front and back doors are also wider than our standard chute to allow larger animals to enter and exit the chute easier. The Brute Stealth AI 500 meets the needs of the cow/calf operator while maintaining the heaviness and durability that you find in our feedlot chutes. This will insure that your new Brute Stealth AI 500 will stand the test of time, all at a great price.

Heavy Duty Wench, gas powered & hydraulic trailers available

Tilt Option & Layover Option – ​Click Here for more Information

Cow/Calf & Veterinarian’s ideal chute. Patented Angled Headgate along with 8″ increase in height and 6″ in width. Perfect chute for A-I work and embryo flushing.