Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Brute Stealth 477

The Brute Stealth 477 has the same dimensions as our Brute Stealth 366 only the gauge of material is heavier.  This chute has everything you will ever needed to control the atmosphere in cattle processing to keep the cattle calm and the operators safe.  This chute has the new-style, patented headgate that will accommodate all sizes of cattle.  This extra heavy-duty chute is designed for the larger feedlots running many thousand head through it yearly.

Your chute will come ready-to-run with motor, neck restraint pipes and hydraulic livebottom or fully customized with the optional accessories you choose.

Extra Heavy Duty Chute with newly designed angled, patented head gate. Used in the world’s largest feedyards. Stands up to heavy daily use. Same dimensions as Brute Stealth 360, made with heavier gauge material.