Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Brute Single Alley & Tub Systems

The Brute Single Wedge Alley has been on the market for decades and has been proven to be a great working facility for our feedyards and ranches. The wedge alley gives you versatility to run 4 weights all the way up to your larger cows without having to adjust a single thing. This means more time devoted to processing and less time adjusting.

Brute Single Wedge alley is constructed to withstand the test of time. Paired with our Brute Tub, you will have a complete system to move cattle calmly from pens through tub and alley to your chute. Made with 3 inch structural channel and 12 gauge sheeting, this bolt together system is tough and noise free to insure a great cattle processing experience.

The tub panels are made to be 5 ft tall and are cemented into the concrete for added strength. The wedge alley is 5 ft tall and made to handle 4 weight cattle all the way up to your larger bulls without adjustment or cattle turning around. No-backs are placed in the alley to keep cattle from backing out of the alley.

Single Cattle Alley Tub Loadout

Optional Accessories