Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Brute Double Alley & Tub Systems

Brute Cattle Facilities are designed to increase the cattles’ natural flows. The tub incorporates safety with a natural exit into the working alley. This happens while keeping the cattlemen at a safe distance outside the tub. By removing the close contact of being inside a closed pen, cattlemen are safe while still being able to move the cattle through the facility with ease. The tub can be paired with either a Double Wedge Alley or a Single Wedge Alley. Match a Brute Loadout to the tub for an all-in-one processing area.

We can use your pictures/drawings/measurements to draft a facility that can meet all your expectations of durability, functionality, longevity, along with reasonable pricing to meet your needs.

Double Alley Tub and Gate

Optional Accessories