Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Custom Drafted


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Custom Designed & Built to Need

BudTub Cattle Tubs, Cattle Alleys & More

What are your cattle handling needs? Submit your pictures, drawings and/or measurements to Dodge Manufacturing’s Drafting team to help you develop a system that is unique to your operation. We can help design a system that will be most optimal for cattle flow, operator safety, durable, and economical to meet all your needs. From BudTub Cattle Tubs, to Cattle Alleys, and more. To get started use any one of our contact methods or request additional information or an onsite visit from one of our design and cattle handling experts.

Design Examples

Our Products

​Brute Double Alley

Tub - Loadout

​Brute Single XL

Tub - Loadout

​Brute Single

Tub - Loadout