Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Layover Chute

  • Our layover mechanism can be added to any of our current chute models.
  • Allows the chute to layover at a 90 degree angle.
  • Bottom drop-down doors are configured for easy access to both front and back legs while the animal is on it’s side.
  • Controls are mounted off the chute for operation in all positions.
  • The Brute Layover Chute works best when you have the need to put an animal on it’s side to work on the underside of the animal. It works good for semen testing bulls, cutting bulls, trimming hooves, or other advanced operations to the animal.
  • The Layover chute ergonomically puts the animal’s hooves at a 34” working height to help save on operator fatigue. The Layover Chute can be stopped at any angle to give you greater flexibility. Mechanical stops can be set in multiple positions to the operator’s discretion.
  • The tail gate of the Layover chute is set off the chute to keep incoming cattle clear of the chute when in layover operation.
  • The Layover chute is equipped with pedestal controls to run the chute while the layover option is active

Lays over 90 degrees for access to lower half of animal.

Optional Accessories