Equipping Your Ranch and Feedyard for Success

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Tilt Chute

Do you need easy access to the lower half of your cattle?

  • Our tilt mechanism can be added to any of our current chute models.
  • The doors are configured for easy access to both front and back legs.
  • The Brute Tilt Chute works best for cutting bulls and working on the lower half of cattle. The tilt chute hydraulically tilts the chute to a 45 degree angle.
  • The Tilt Chute is equipped with a sliding large door to allow operator access to the lower half front or back of the animal.
  • The tail gate of the chute is set off the chute to keep incoming cattle clear of the chute when the tilt mechanism is in use.
  • The Tilt Chute is equipped with pedestal controls to run the chute while the tilt option is active.

Tilts 45 degrees for access to legs/hooves.

Optional Accessories